Request for alias: genesyscloud-cli.gc -> gc

Hi team,

I would like to request the following alias:

genesyscloud-cli.gc -> gc

The reason being, at Genesys, we are developing a CLI for interacting with our Public API. We have chosen the name gc as shorthand for Genesys Cloud.
The name gc makes for a simple short command for users to use with an obvious reference to Genesys Cloud. We have put a significant effort into documentation with references to gc throughout. Also, we are in the process of having the tool reviewed by internal partners and a limited selection of customers who will have begun to associate gc with the command used to invoke the CLI.



+1 from me as reviewer, the command name is well-known within its community of users and I like that the snap has a longer more descriptive name itself (but using genesyscloud-cli as the command would definitely be awkward :)).

Be aware that this might conflict with gc from the graphviz package - but the alias mechanism in snaps can handle that kind of conflict, so this is not a blocker per se.

  • Daniel

Please disregard this request. We are no longer using snap as a distribution method of this software because there is no support for snapcraft on our Amazon Linux 2 Jenkins runners.

Did you try using the instructions from Cannot install snapd on Amazon Linux 2 ? We recently switched to maintaining our own repo for Amazon Linux 2 to better support that distro

+1 from me as well - as @roadmr says the conflict with gc from graphviz is not a blocker for this.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting use of this alias (even though this request was withdrawn, since this snap still has published versions in the store it makes sense to grant this for those users already using it).