Request for alias for the snap done

As done is a bash syntax, the snap done can’t be run using that command. Can an alias of done-app be given to this snap for quickly running it from the terminal?

Hmm this feels more like a problem with the name of the application itself - if the app hadn’t been named after such a common keyword then there would be no conflict. Note the snap can still be invoked via /snap/bin/done.

However, since there is no obvious conflict for such a name then I think it is reasonable to grant it - +1 from me for alias of done-app to done.

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Sure, and in that matter also snap run done will work. But, something that can quickly run it from terminal, would be really handy. Thank you for your suggestions and support.

+1 from me for granting alias of done-app to done.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-alias of done-app to done. This is now live

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