Request for alias for cmk

Dear admins and reviews, kindly allow the alias ‘cmk’ for cloudmonkey, the official CLI for the opensource IAAS platform Apache CloudStack.

  • Rohit Yadav, Committer/PMC Apache CloudStack
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Any advice @ijohnson @niemeyer? Pardon me if this is the wrong way or wrong place to request for this. The docs hinted to reach out to the forum wrt aliases for a snap app.

You likely didn’t get an immediate reply because it was the weekend.

There’s a name collision with check-mk-server deb which also contains a cmk binary. Not sure how widely that’s used though.

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Thanks @popey, appreciate your advice and reply.

Would it be possible to accept the ‘cmk’ alias, or if that’s not possible please advise on this new alias - ‘cm’.

+1 for the auto-alias of cmk. As @popey mentioned, this collides with check-mk-server which is a monitoring script for use with nagios/icinga/etc. The Debian packaging installs a ‘cmk’ symlink in /usr/bin that points to /usr/bin/check_mk. These projects are sufficiently different that I don’t expect an issue; plugs since /snap/bin is intentionally after /usr/bin in PATH, this alias will not break check-mk-server.


Thanks @jdstrand.

It’s unlikely someone would install cloudmonkey (cmk) which is for admin/end-users of a CloudStack cloud on the same system as they would install check-mk-server.

Please advise the next steps and if I need to do anything wrt the snapcraft.yaml file or the uploaded project. Thanks.

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Any advice or update on this? Thanks.

There are not enough votes to tally. @reviewers can some of you vote?

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+1 from me for the cmk alias.

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2 votes for, 0 against. Granting use of the cmk alias.

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Thank you @jdstrand @popey