Request for a new “pc-kernel” kernel snap track - 23.10

Request for a new “pc-kernel” kernel snap track - 23.10

Similar to the pc gadget snap track request at Request for a new "pc" gadget snap track - classic-23.10

This such that we can use kernel snap with 23.10 classic ubuntu systems, without using 22 nor 24 tracks which have different support windows & userpsace ABIs.

Note that since kernel is fully confined, and there is nothing classic about it, I would like the track to be called just 23.10. This is different from pc-gadget, because gadget in classic-23.10 does have things specific to only being usable on hybrid systems.

i now dislike classic in classic-23.10 given that kernels are fully confined and do not have anything classic about them.

I would like to just have 23.10 track please. Updating the request accordingly.


The 23.10 track has been created.



Hi, we have a custom ubuntu core 22 build that uses the latest pc-kernel 22/stable (kernel 5.15) We have a new requirement to run this on a 13th Gen NUC but its not working with this kernel at the moment. We tried upgrading to the 23.10/stable channel (kernel 6.5) and this fixed our issues.

It looks as if ubuntu core 22 does not support 13th Gen NUC hardware - from this page

Do we know if the core 22 pc-kernel channel is ever going to support this hardware or if the kernel is ever going to be upgraded to a later version?

Or do we know how stable this 23.10 channel is going to be? Is this reliable enough to build a new release of our product based on it?

Thanks in advance, apologies if this is not the right place to add this question, happy to raise as another new question if needed.

I believe reference images from that website use a different kernel snap called intel-iotg-kernel can you please try if that one works for you? Note that is only relevant for Intel IoT specific SKUs. Read further for other upcoming kernels.

Separately please only use kernels from matching tracks for your model base - otherwise systemd & journald & udev between initrd and booted system will not work. 23.10/stable is only meant to be used by Ubuntu Desktop installer for the classic TPM FDE installs. And we will soon have 22-hwe & 22-oem tracks opened with newer kernels than 5.15. which will be usable with non-IoT specific Intel boards.

Do not use 23.10/ track should only be used by Ubuntu Mantic Desktop with TPM FDE functionality as classic desktop install - not ubuntu-core installs.

Perfect thanks for the quick reply, we will try and remodel to use that kernel today and let you know if that works.