Request for a `20` track for the `pi` gadget snap

pi gadget is now universal for 20 series.

Can you please create ‘20’ track on the pi gadget?

There is no need for ‘20-pi’ track as it is repetitive with the snap name. The ‘20’ track will make pi gadget follow track names of pc and pi-kernel snaps. After ‘20’ track is available, we will close the ‘20-pi’ track. ‘20-pi’ track never had a stable release yet.

Request for ‘20-pi’ track was at Request for a `20-pi` track for the `pi` gadget snap



This is done per my +1 as reviewer Simplified track request process for snaps with predictable cadence.

  • Daniel

thank you @roadmr

How come I cannot close old one?

$ snapcraft close 20-pi/edge
Your account lacks permission to close channels for this snap. Make sure the logged in account has upload permissions on '20-pi/edge' in series '16'.

You’re fumbling the syntax :slight_smile: from your command, how can it know which snap you’re referring to?

snapcraft close pi 20-pi/edge is what you want.

  • Daniel

Yeah! thank you. I told you it was too many pi !