Request deletion of snap - xplr

Hi Team

I would like to request deletion of a snap I registered named “xplr”.


I tried to list xplr thinking it would be as easy to maintain the snap as just linking the GitHub repo. But now, I don’t think I can maintain this package.

I’m open to transfer ownership if someone is interested in maintaining this, else, I think it’s best to delete the snap.


Arijit Basu

Would you be able to outline the reasons why you find it hard to maintain? We may be able to help overcome them so you can continue to maintain it yourself.

Thanks for your response. Here’s my feedback:

Linking the GitHub repo doesn’t work out of the box. Builds have been failing, there’s some permission issue. Searching the error, I found that I’ll have to request permission from the snap team manually. Which gives me the feeling that I’d have to put manual effort from time-to-time into maintaining the snap.

I want packaging and distribution of a free and open-source software to be a community effort. If not, it should at-least be 100% automated. I already maintain binary distributions, crate and nix packaging of the tool (as I use them myself). It’s not possible for me to put manual effort into packaging for each different platforms.