Request default alias for the mazu-editor snap

Dear @reviewers, I would like to request a default alias for the mazu-editor snap.

Snap Run Command Requested Alias
mazu-editor me


This is the command and executable name that the upstream uses(source).

Thanks in advance!

Wow, ‘me’ is short. I’m surprised that nothing has taken that name but Googling I couldn’t find a conflict.

A tepid +1 since it is so short, and I reserve the right to change my vote depending on other @reviewers comments.

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+1 from me too; typing me on my Ubuntu system doesn’t run anything (so no conflict with anything installed by default) and command-not-found doesn’t suggest anything either, so it incredibly looks like this alias is unique enough :slight_smile:

  • Daniel
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+1 from me too, while it’s super short, there doesn’t seem to be anything else conflicting so far.

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3 votes for, 0 against. Granting use of the alias. This is now live.

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