Request default alias for `bfg-repo-cleaner`

Dear @reviewers, I would like to request the following default alias for the bfg-repo-cleaner snap.

Snap Run Command Requested Alias Reasoning
bfg-repo-cleaner bfg This is the command used in the official documentation

Thanks in advance!

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A week has passed, I would like to ask for the progressing of the review process.

+1 for me. bfg doesn’t appear to conflict with other well-known commands. In addition, the upstream developers put out a public request for someone to create a snap package. Even though this snap is not from the official upstream maintainers, I’m inclined to grant the alias.

Could other @reviewers please vote?

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+1 from me as well, bfgminer seems to be the closest thing in the archive and it’s a bitcoin thing (confusion is unlikely), and bfg is used in the upstream docs.

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The use of the specific command alias is suggested by a reviewer in the first place and I suppose there’s no issue on granting it:

I am going to upstream this snap.

We’re trying to limit the amount of 3-letter snap names because they are not very descriptive unless they’re very high-profile software (git, vim). Would you consider using a longer more descriptive name for the snap? as you know we can still assign an alias so a “bfg” command will be available once installed, but naming the snap “big-fantastic-gun” or something more descriptive is preferred.


The application’s full name is called “BFG Repo-Cleaner”, it is “the utility” on dealing with unsuitable data in Git repositories (big binary objects, passwords, API keys) and is mentioned on GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket.

The project currently has 6.7k stars, and 376 forks on GitHub, and I believe it is a high-profile software to have the 3-letter snap name.

Could you perhaps use bfg-repo-cleaner as the snap’s name? we discussed internally and while rather popular, it’s not comparable to vim and git in terms of ubiquitousness, so the 3-letter name may still be uninformative for people not already familiar with it.

@reviewers Two weeks have passed, I would like to ask for the progressing of the review process.

+2 for, 0 against, 0 abstained for adding bfg alias to bfg-repo-cleaner.


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