Request: CUPS Snap (“cups”) auto connection to of cups:cups-control to cups:admin and also of the network-manager-observe interface

For the CUPS Snap (“cups”) I need two further interface auto-connections:

"cups-control" to "cups:admin"
After applying the new security concept of allowing client Snaps only to do administrative tasks on CUPS if they plug CUPS “admin” slot with their “cups-control” plug also the tools which come with the CUPS Snap suffer this restriction, like the lpadmin and the cups-browsed. To make them work one needs to make the CUPS Snap bite in its own tail via

sudo snap connect cups:cups-control cups:admin

Can this be made automatic?

cups-browsed communicates with Network Manager to get note of changes of the host name of the machine it is running on. Therefore it needs this interface.
Could this also be automatically connected?

Thanks in advance


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Just a note about the self-connection, I think that we should use something like this in the snap-declaration:

        - m1eQacDdXCthEwWQrESei3Zao3d5gfJF

specifically the slot-snap-id bit such that if there are multiple slots available on the system, specifically the one provided by the cups snap is used to auto-connect. This is more than a hypothetical concern about some fork of the cups snap, because on classic systems, snapd itself will provide a cups-control slot, so in order for the auto-connection to work, it needs to be scoped like this AIUI.

OK, great, @ijohnson. Let us go this way.

The CUPS Snap needs another bite into its own tail, equivalent to auto-connecting the cups:cups-control plug to the cups:admin slot, we also need to auto-connect the cups:cups plug to the cups:printing slot. So all auto-connections we need are

sudo snap connect cups:cups-control cups:admin
sudo snap connect cups:cups cups:printing
sudo snap connect cups:network-manager-observe

+1 from me for auto-connect of these interfaces for cups - these are clearly required for cups to print without user intervention.

Could other @reviewers please vote on this request too?