Request classic confinment for the Zed IDE

Hi, I created an unofficial snap for the code editor: OpenID transaction in progress

I’d like to request classic confinement, because this is an IDE/code editor.

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Unofficial snaps rather don’t get classic confinement. Have you contacted developers about upstreaming your snapping efforts?

What makes you say that?

The process doesn’t. Zed fits the criteria as an IDE.

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As @popey mentioned, as an IDE, zed fits both the requirement and supported use case for classic confinement as per the process already linked to by Alan.

As such the requirements for classic confinement are understood.

However, to be granted the use of classic confinement the publisher must be vetted as a trusted entity - @wginolas you say this is an unofficial snap - are you involved in the upstream Zed project at all? If not then it is not really possible to vet you as a trusted source for this snap. This then leaves a few options:

  1. Get the upstream zed project to start publishing the snap themselves (and transfer the snap to them) and then it can be granted classic confinement
  2. Get yourself accepted as a member of the upstream project
  3. Transfer the snap to an existing trusted publisher like @Snapcrafters who may be willing to maintain the snap on your behalf.

Let me know your thoughts.

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Yeah, it makes sense, to have additional security requirements for classic snaps. I created this snap mostly for my self and I do not want to have too much work with it. However, I am happy if I can help someone who likes to use Zed on Linux. I think it is best, when I publish my snap-code in a GitHub repo and contact the Zed guys and Snapcrafters, if they want to take over.

Please have some patience, since I am currently on my day job.


I’ve seen some hesitance towards classic confinement for pyenv somewhere on the forum, hence why my comment here. Sorry if it was misleading.

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Snap support for Zed is already discussed here: Linux Roadmap · Issue #7015 · zed-industries/zed · GitHub

If anyone is interested, I published my snapfile here: GitHub - wginolas/zed-snap: Unofficial snap release of

I think my request above can be rejected, because it looks like the Zed developers are going to release their own official snap at some later time.

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