Request classic confinement review for share


Share needs classic mode because it needs to copy data to the user clipboards. This is done by executing xclip or xsel


Are you sure you need classic? I recently made a snap of another command line application which manipulates the clipboard, and it didn’t need classic to function. I only specified the x11 plug and staged xsel which worked for me. What errors are you seeing in your application when you do not use classic?


hi thanks for the info. can you give me an config example?

I tried:

    plugs: ["home", "network", "x11"]               
      - xsel


Sure, here’s an example.


this doesn’t work for me. “parts” is not available in snap.yaml
I use goreleaser which uses snapcraft pack


I still need classicmode because i cannot build-in xsel


I understand @Igor has been discussing this missing functionality from goreleaser with the maintainer, so there should be a fix coming soon.
Sadly we can’t grant classic in this case as it’s not warranted.


Can you describe what goreleaser should do? maybe i can make an PR.

currently it creats a snap.yml


@popey is right, classic is not needed; only need to plugs x11.