Request classic confinement for savewizard

We can’t use confined mode as the user needs to be able to access their directory structure to access certain files.

Can you please provide more detail on what files users need access to? In general, for the vast majority of snaps, plugging the home and optionally removable-media interfaces provides access to almost all files users need to access.

Thank you so much Alex for the prompt reply. Those plugins sound ideal for what we want, in particular the removable-media plugin.

Ok, I will remove this request from our internal queue for now then - but let me know if you still think classic confinement may be justified (and why) for savewizard and I can re-add it for review.

It seems that does not work. We can view the Home folder but nothing inside the sub folders. Could it be the fact that we are using the Mono Framework? I can upload our YAML file if its useful?