Request classic confinement for lborj library


lborj library is built with flutter for read and download pdf books . for my first built i built it with strict confinement it work good but when i download the pdf i can’t read it with external app like “evince” and as im new with snap app i can’t find a solution just to make the confinement classic .my app access only to pdf file that is download it in specific folder .

so if the classic confinement work for me please accept it!


Hello there benhammou,

Just wanted to let you know (I am not a reviewer) that your request for classic confinement will more than likely not be approved. Classic is only granted for special cases such as programming languages or IDE’s. You can see what qualifies for classic confinement and what doesn’t here:

To me, it seems like you just need to use the home interface and download the pdfs to the Downloads directory: Let me know if this helps.

if you could make you app simply call xdg-open to open your pdf’s then the default desktop handler for pdf (evince on ubuntu) should show it …

hello nuccitheboss thx for your help ,in my first release i use home interface and i download the pdfs to Downloads and all work fine and all downloaded PDFs i display in my app but when i clique on it nothing happen i cant read it with pdf app like a debug mode , i make a lot of search but nothing found , and i dont know how to use xdg-open.

would this help ?