Request Chromium executable in `ght`


We have had builds failing for ght. Could you increase permission to allow the automatic checks to pass, please?

Thanks, Anthony.

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Hi and sorry for the delay. Could you confirm if the snap still works if the symlink causing the error is removed?

@ya-bo-ng ping, can you provide the requested information?

I see latest revision failing and errors related with symlinks/unusual modes. Is this something required by any ght use case?

check the build log file to see any error or warning message that indicate the cause of the problem.

Hi tested the snap locally and its working as expected. The only change in the snap is the snapcraft.yaml file.

We now have:

            PUPPETEER_EXECUTABLE_PATH: $SNAP/bin/chromium.launcher


            - chromium
            - PUPPETEER_SKIP_DOWNLOAD: "true"
            - PUPPETEER_EXECUTABLE_PATH: /snap/chromium/current/bin/chromium.launcher

Hi @ya-bo-ng , I’d recommend running review-tools on your snap locally (e.g. review-tools.snap-review ght.snap) in order to see the errors that you’ll potentially get if you upload your snap to the store. I see that your snap still has symlink causing issues, could you please look into it and see if your snap is working after solving this issue.

In order to debug your snap, I’d suggest using snappy-debug while running your snap in order to get suggestions from it. Thanks.

@ya-bo-ng - ping, can you please check the information provided above?