Request changes to GrinMW

Please can an admin make the following changes;

  1. Remove bitcoin-rs registered name from GrinMW snapcraft account.
  2. Remove publicmoney registered name from GrinMW snapcraft account.
  3. Change username of ubuntu one account from to grinmw.


I’ve contacted you privately by email for requests 1 and 2.

For request 3, users can self-service username changes, by logging into and updating their email address or username as desired.

If you want to propagate changes made there to (and the data publicly shown for a snap):

  1. go to
  2. change your details as required: username and/or preferred email address.
  3. save
  4. go to
  5. logout
  6. login
  7. go to
  8. change details again
  9. save
  • Daniel