Request: Automatic aliases for lxi-tools


I would like to request the following automatic alias for the lxi-tools snap:

  • lxi -> lxi-tools.lxi


P.s.: I assume/hope completion scripts work for aliases.

+1 from me. No conflict with the archive from what I can see.

+1 to grant the alias

Hi there, may I ask if there is a reason why the snap isn’t just called lxi? I am just curious for what it’s worth

Sure. It’s because lxi-tools is the name of the software project and naming it simply lxi wouldn’t make sense. In context of the snapcraft definition, I expect more ‘apps’ will be added in the future as the number of tools grow. Hence the plurality of “lxi-tools”.

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So, I understand there should be enough votes to make this happen. Now, how to move it to the next step?

Just needed to wait for the time to pass, which it did.

2 votes for, 0 against. Granting use of the alias. This is now live.

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