Request automatic alias for ubuntu-make

The ubuntu-make snap has the umake command to run it.
How can I enable an alias from ubuntu-make.umake to umake?
This would bring it closer to the apt version.

You can create a manual alias:

$ snap alias ubuntu-make.umake umake

If you want this to happen automatically you need to request an automatic alias, for which I think you need to be a developer of the snap.

I am a developer of the snap, and of the program.
I’d like to request an automatic alias, I’m not sure how…Here on the forum?

EDIT: Also, now if I type umake with it not installed, this pops up:

Command ‘umake’ not found, but can be installed with:

sudo apt install ubuntu-make

Would this work with the snap alias as well?

Ah, snap info ubuntu-make says the publisher is @didrocks, but ok.

Yes, the way to ask for an alias is what you just did :smiley:

command-not-found integration with snap is landing in bionic, so there, yes. Not elsewhere though.


Yes, I noticed that it works with some snaps. (I’m running bionic beta-2 at the moment). I’m one of the developers… :slight_smile: I’ll look at that thread now, and wait for replies here then! Thanks!

LyzardKing took the ubuntu-make ownership a while ago, while I didn’t get time to work on it anymore. I did the first snap publications at the time via launchpad commit build, any way to change the snap info results?

The voting for this is happening over in Request auto alias for ubuntu-make