Request Autoconnect to audio-record and screencast-legacy

Blue Recorder is simple screen recorder and it support Wayland and Xorg
I got some 1/5 reviews in Store because some users not want to read the description about required connections to make the application work great

The application need audio-record to recorder Wayland and XOrg,
and it need screencast-legacy to record wayland

+1 from me for auto-connect audio-record and screencast-legacy to blue-recorder since both are a clear requirement for a screen recorder application.

Can other @reviewers please vote?

+1 from me for audio-record. I am not so convinced about auto-connect of screencast-legacy - other snaps such as browsers etc can work fine with screen recording on wayland using portals via the desktop interface - and this provides a better UI IMO as well. I also note this was suggested previously at Can I use dbus for wayland support? - would it be possible to use this instead?

Blue Recorder work in distros Wayland+Pipewire without connect screencast-legacy
but for old version of Ubuntu and some other distros its need screencast-legacy to be connected

+1 from me for both auto-connections.

+3 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-connect of audio-record to blue-recorder. This is now live.

@alexmurray are you satisifed with the explanation regarding why screencast-legacy is needed as well?

Thanks for the updated explanation @SYaslem - +1 from me for screencast-legacy as well for blue-recorder


+3 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-connect of screencast-legacy to blue-recorder. This is now live.

Hello, semi experienced Ubuntu linux user here, Can anyone post the terminal commands to connect the Audio record and Screen cast legacy for this Blue screen recorder here ? I’m using the latest Ubuntu LTS 22.04… I don’t know a lot about programming in the Terminal, But I can copy and paste like a pro Lol, Thanks! Mook

It should be auto connected now. May be try to reinstall once.

hello Soumyadeep,

currently Blue Recorder is not working with Snap and I suggest you to use flatpak version

there issues with snap version that prevent us from include pipewire in runtime you can follow here: Failed to build snap with Pipewire - #6 by ogra


Salem Yaslem

@SYaslem Please checkout this issue