Request: autoconnect “removable-media” for fclones

I’d like to request autoconnect for

fclones is a duplicate file finder that’s frequently used to deduplicate files (pictures, videos, documents) on removable media and/or other external storage.


Thank you!

As per the Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks, removable-media is appropriate for auto-connect for applications which handle media - in this case I am not sure that fclones fits within this category - although perhaps finding duplicates of photos / music may perhaps be a common use-case for such an application - can you provide any info here?

Finding duplicates of photos, videos and music is one of the main use cases for duplicate finders, because those external collections of files tend to accumulate cruft over time. It is very easy to accidentally send the same folder with pictures to multiple places and waste storage space. That was actually the usecase I had in mind when I wrote this program.

Some users actually recommended fclones to deal with pictures - see this answer and this whole thread:

From time to time someone asks how to deduplicate their pictures, so I conclude this use-case is pretty common: (I could provide more links, but as a new user I’m not allowed to; anyway I’m sure you easily find many).

Having said that, deduplicating media files is not the only usecase for fclones. It works with large collections of files of any type. But large collections of files are often stored on external media like NAS arrays (in my case I’m using NAS for pictures, videos and backup of documents). Another fclones usecase, beside deduplicating, is verifying if all files from local storage were properly backed up. And BTW it seems the removable-media plug is actually required for accessing remote storage like NAS.

Ok thanks for the extra info. Based on this I think it is reasonable to say that handling media is one of the more common use-cases for fclones and as such it would not be too much of a stretch to say it then fits within this category for auto-connect of removable-media.

The other policy question then is that a snap has to be published by the verified upstream of the project and that it is a mature project - I see the project has nearly 1000 stars on Github which would seem to indicate the latter criteria is met - plus the github project owner has the same email address as the contact info for the snap - as such, to verify the owner, I have sent an email to this email address - can you please respond quoting the original email back to me and this should be sufficient to prove ownership of email address and hence the github and snap store accounts. Thanks.

Hi Alex, I got the email and replied.

Thanks Piotr - yep I can verify that I received the reply.

I have now vetted the publisher too. Once the 7 day voting period has elapsed we can look at proceeding with this request.

Hi Alex, was there any progress on this?

Since it perhaps wasn’t clear from my above posts - +1 from me for auto-connect of removable-media for fclones.

This requires another +1 vote to succeed - can other @reviewers please vote?

+1 from me for auto-connect of removable-media for fclones, as well.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against. Granting auto-connect of removable-media to fclones. Publisher vetting was completed. This is now live.

Thank you so much! Works like a charm! :slight_smile:

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