Request autoconnect process-control for Nyrna

Nyrna allows the user to suspend games and applications by simply clicking the window’s representation tile from a list, and similarly to resume a suspended application. Useful to temporarily take back system resources from things like games, compiling, rendering, etc.

Since Nyrna needs to get the status of processes & send signals to suspend and resume them it requires process-control for its main functionality. Since this is the entire point of someone downloading the application, I’d like to request it be set to auto-connect.

Happy to answer any potential questions :slightly_smiling_face:

Snap ID: MNzFJK1BhCte6VZftbrJsKpayKCgtanl

Account ID: 1FU4ROkqux28bfd1qOkUE2CNluv0zDGJ

+1 from me as this is the primary point of the application (ie to control other applications by suspending them etc). Can other @reviewers please vote?

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+1 from me as well, as this is required for the basic functionality of the application.

+1 for me for auto-connect process-control to nyrna since its a clear requirement based on the explanation provided

+3 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-connect of process-control for nyrna. This is now live.

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Thank you, much appreciated :heart: