Request autoconnect of cups-control interface for onlyoffice-desktopeditors

Hello. Is it be possible to get cups-control interface be autoconnected for onlyoffice-desktopeditors snap? It is needs to allow onlyoffice-desktopeditors use printers. And this feature is very important for text and table editors. Currently the user is have to connect cups-control interface manually for printing.

-1 from me - the use of cups-control for printing is basically deprecated now - instead snaps should use the new cups interface and printing should just work once snapd 2.55 is released in the coming weeks. Essentially cups-control grants far too much privilege and cups is limited to just allowing printing (not management of printers etc).

I am -1 as well for auto-connect cups-control due to the reasons provided by @alexmurray. 0 votes for, -2 votes against, not granting auto-connect of cups-control to onlyoffice-desktopeditors

@RomanDemidov can you please check the cups interface instead? Thanks!

Ok. Thanks. I’ll check.

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