Request: Autoconnect logs-observe for lnav

I am the author of The Logfile Navigator (lnav) and I’d like to request the snap be autoconnected to log-observe. The snap is here.

The person that did the actual work of building the snap made a similar request for their test package.

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+1 to auto-connect log-observe as it is required for its core functionality and expected.

Seconded, serving primary functionality.

How many votes are required to grant the interface to lnav?

See Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks for the details of the process that is being followed here

Thanks for the reply. I read it carefully.

There are two votes in this thread, and there is your old vote in my old thread (since then I retracted my request for the interface).

You (@sparkiegeek) have not note voted yet in this thread (either for or against).

lnav (store, snapcraft.yaml) is the most suitable snap for log-observe because it is an application that reads logs. There are some thoughts that maybe it should go for the classic confinement. Because there might be some logs that exist outside of /var/log/ and /home/$USER/. If anyone has such thoughts, then please say so.

The voting period is now over. 2 votes for, 0 against. Granting auto-connection. This is now live.