Request: Autoconnect juju-client-observe for cloud-status

For the snap cloud-status ( it would be beneficial to autoconnect the juju-client-observe interface. Currently this is a manual step, preventing simple rollout over the various clouds where we are planning on installing it.
The connection to juju is used as a read-only connection, so that a listing can be made of the installed applications, and map these to the various openstack charms releases available.

Hi, Could I get some response to this ticket?

I wonder if the snap name should be juju-cloud-status since this looks to be juju specific, and then the fact that the snap gets access to your local juju config would hopefully not be surprising. Also now that we have personal-files I wonder whether the juju-client-observe interface is a bit redundant now too but that is more of a snapd question.

If you could please comment on the question of the snap name that would be great since I would prefer that if we were to grant auto-connect for this that it was not going to surprise end-users.

Had a nice internal discussion and we could go for juju-cloud-status. Just requested that name to be reserved, but can upload the existing charm in the meantime to reflect this change under my own namespace.

Has this happened?

@woutervb - ping. This cannot proceed without the requested information.

Hi @jdstrand, the rename has happened and the snap with this new name has been uploaded. is the location of the snap.

+1 from me for auto-connect of juju-client-observe for juju-cloud-status

Could other @reviewers please vote?

+1 from me too for the juju-client-observe auto connect

+1 for juju-client-observe auto connect.

3 votes for, 0 against. Granting to juju-cloud-status. This is now live.