Request auto-connections for ovn-chassis snap


The ovn-chassis snap provides Open vSwitch (OVS) and Open Virtual Network (OVN) in a single snap which together form the data plane components of a node participating in a OVN network.

It has use cases both for classic, for example for use together with OpenStack, and core systems, for example for use on SmartNIC DPUs.

In its current form the snap requires the end user to perform manual steps such as loading the openvswitch kernel module and perform several snap connections. This does not provide a great UX, so in an effort to graduate the snap into a stable and supported entity we would like to request the follwing auto-connections for the ovn-chassis snap:

Plug Reason
openvswitch-support Automatic loading of the kernel module
network-control Netlink
firewall-control Raw sockets, conntrack
process-control Open vSwitch manages a set of processes
system-trace The Open vSwitch AF_XDP datapath uses BPF
hardware-observe The DPDK datapath requires low level access to PCI hardware
hugepages-control The DPDK datapath requires hugepages

These are quite privileged interfaces however the nature of Open vSwitch / OVN is that they are quite privileged pieces of software.

+1 from me for use of and auto-connect of openvswitch-support, network-control, firewall-control, process-control, system-trace, hardware-observe and hugepages-control for ovn-chassis - note a number of these interfaces are super-privileged and so require publisher vetting. In this case, as fnordahl is a Canonical employee this is already done.

Out of interest @fnordahl is there any plan to publish this under the Canonical account?

@alexmurray thanks!

Yes, the plan is to publish under the canonical account and the auto-connection is part of making it a stable release suitable for publication

+1 from me too so 2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-connect of openvswitch-support , network-control , firewall-control , process-control , system-trace , hardware-observe and hugepages-control for ovn-chassis. This is now live.