Request: auto-connection of removable-media for nicotine-plus


Would it be possible to grant auto-connection of the removable-media interface for nicotine-plus?

One of the main purposes of the application is peer-to-peer file sharing on the Soulseek network. More specifically, sharing personal file collections usually consisting of media files, such as audio and video, which other Soulseek users can browse and download. Only folders that the user explicitly selects are shared with others.

Since many users use external drives for this, auto-connecting the removable-media interface would be helpful, to ensure that sharing such folders works properly. Selecting folders using the file portal only works on Ubuntu 22.04+, and the paths aren’t persistent after remounting/restarting.

I’m not quite sure if Nicotine+ meets the requirements for auto-connection, since it doesn’t play media inside the app, but it focuses on audio and reads audio properties, such as duration and bitrate, from shared files.

As for the rest of the criteria, the app has existed for about two decades, is open source, and has 1.4k stars on GitHub. The nicotine-plus snap is maintained by myself (Nicotine+ maintainer) as part of the Nicotine+ team.

Thank you! Mat

Hi @mat

Whilst nicotine-plus does not fit in the typical use cases, its use looks reasonable to me and it seems to be well known application with a long trajectory. Thus, unless other @reviewers have a strong opinion against it I’ll be happy to support this request with a +1.

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