Request auto connection of interface for Hiri

Hi all,

The Hiri snap defines plugs for the following interfaces:

  • mount-observe
  • removable-media

Can these be auto connected please.

In the future, when making these requests, please give a description of the snap, the url in the store and why the auto-connection is needed.

Hiri is:

I guess it is plausible an email client would want to access USB keys, but it shouldn’t really need it be default? Ie, shouldn’t this really be up to the user? (Perhaps until gnome-software has a way to do this, we should auto-connect for now).

As for mount-observe, I suspect this is just a noisy denial and not actually required. Does the snap operate ok without it?

Hi, a Hiri developer here. I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary without connecting mount-observe so I’d suspect it’s just a noisy denial like you described it. As for removable-media, you’re right in that it isn’t needed by default. I assume there will be a GUI in gnome-software that will make it easy to connect interfaces at some point. I doubt many of our users know what they’re supposed to do since many install Hiri directly from gnome-software, possibly with little understanding of the snap system. So I think auto-connecting for now would be the way to go.

Do you have any idea on when the GUI for interfaces might come in to gnome-software or if it’s planned?

@wimpress Thanks for starting the thread!

+1 for removable-media based on my comments regarding gnome-software which were reinforced by upstream’s feedback. -1 for mount-observe based on upstream’s feedback.

As for when gnome-software will support interface connections, I’m not sure. @robert.ancell, do you have an idea?

The request to auto-connect removable-media has only one vote and the initial voting period has experied. @niemeyer, @tyhicks, @ev, @natalia, can one/all of you vote?

@jdstrand, ev is @evan here (so he isn’t getting pinged when you go with @ev)

+1 on removable-media as well, and glad we don’t need mount-observe there yet.

Thanks @chipaca. @ev was too short for Discourse.

Given that @pop hasn’t noticed any adverse effects with mount-observe not connected, I’m -1 to auto-connect mount-observe and +1 to auto-connect removable-media.

@jdstrand we’re working on the design for the interface connections and hope to have that done by 18.04.

3 votes for removable-media, 0 votes against.

3 votes against mount-observe, 0 votes for.

remoaable-media granted. This is live now.