Request auto-connection of hardware-observe and raw-usb for zwave-js-ui


The snap package that I am maintaining zwavejs2mqtt is changing it’s name, and with the new package for the new release I’m hoping that it can auto-connect for some plugs.

The new package name is zwave-js-ui which is a UI for the Z-wave driver zwave-js that has become the up and coming z-wave driver within the open-source community, after the abandonment of open-zwave.

I hereby request auto-connection for zwave-js-ui for the connections

  • raw-usb: Most Z-wave networks uses USB dongles, like this (controllers), to control their network as they tend to use Raspberry Pi’s (and their clones) to manage their z-wave networks. Today I don’t know anyone using zwave-js on hardware with built in support for z-wave.
  • hardware-observe: used to find USB devices in a friendly way.

The old release, under the name zwavejs2mqtt didn’t have auto-connections, since it wasn’t on top of my list to request it before the name change, but I do feel that the software now have reached a stable degree and that it will help us helping users transition to the new package - and also help new users using the package - by giving it auto-connections for these two plugs.

I haven’t released anything in the stable channels yet for the new package zwave-js-ui and haven’t copied over the store listing text yet, as I’m hoping to have auto-connection in place before «going public» with it.

I will include information on the auto-connections in the store-listing/snap description.

Hoping for a positive feedback. Thank you in advance.

Edit: I’ve added some notes about it. Will wait with any release until I know they will be auto-connected.

Can you please set a description for the snap listing? At the moment I don’t think it is appropriate to grant auto-connect when there is no clue to a user what a given snap will do.

Once a clear description for the snap is available, that makes it obvious that the snap will access USB devices, then +1 from me for auto-connect for both of these as they are required for standard functionality of the snap.

Hi @alexmurray

Thanks for the feedback. I have made the description to the snap package now :smiley:

Any news on this matter?

As zwave-js-ui is a new dependency for z-wave users to update the home-assistant snap, both packages is “stalled” (kept back) with older versions at the moment.

Thank you in advance.

Hi again and sorry for asking again, but - I’m still stuck on «zero» on this matter, and so are the users! Anyone?

Ping #store-requests

Can other @reviewers please vote on this request?

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+1 from me for auto-connect for both, too.

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+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-connect of hardware-observe and raw-usb for zwave-js-ui. This is now live.