Request: Auto-connection for localsend-uno

Localsend is an app that let’s you share files between devices on the same network. The upstream project can be found here and the store listing for localsend-uno is here.

However, localsend requires the network-manager plug in order to send files to another device. Without this permission, AppArmor blocks the transfer. Receiving files seems to work fine, but in my limited testing, it feels slower (there are AppArmor denials in the log).

Without this permission, half of the app’s functionality does not work. Therefore, I request auto-connect permission of the network-manager plug.

It turns out this permission may not be necessary. I was able to send a file too, despite the AppArmor denials.

I think the issue may have been related to trying to send a hidden file.

Hi, bumping to this thread. First of all thanks a lot for snapping localsend. Very grateful that you have taken this initiative to snap this.

I have 2 request from my end.

  1. The localsend team is ready to take the snap upstream. So, kindly create a PR to the upstream with your snap manifest.
  2. The name for the snap should be localsend. You can in many other ways depict that this snap is unofficial. Please refrain from using some other names. Also, because the upstream is willing to have one, it’s better that you request the upstream to register the name localsend.

Upstreamed! Install LocalSend on Linux | Snap Store

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Thanks a lot. But, the snap didn’t really needed its separate repo. But anyways, can you kindly update the READMEs, reflecting about the new snap package? (I guess better to do this after getting the auto connections)

I don’t think the auto connection is necessary. After I found that out, I tried to delete this thread but I don’t have the permission to.