Request Auto-connection for cfclient

I would like to request auto-connection for cfclient. cfclient is an application that allows to connect and control the Crazyflie quadcopter.

The plugs to connect would be:

  • raw-usb is needed to connect to the USB radio dongle or directly to the Quadcopter via USB.
  • joystick is needed to use a joystick or gamepad to fly the drone.

/Arnaud at Bitcraze

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As per the description of the snap, joystick seems like an obvious auto-connection so +1 from me. Whilst raw-usb is a more privileged interface, this is the only way to get access to the USB radio dongle / the quadcopter via USB for a snap (as there is no less privileged similar interface) - since cfclient again clearly specifies connecting to these devices via USB in it’s description, this is both core functionality for the snap and should not come as a surprise to end users - as such, +1 from me for raw-usb auto-conenct to cfclient as well.

Can other @reviewers please vote too?

+1 from me for connecting joystick and raw-usb. cfclient clearly states its intentions and these interfaces are required for cfclient’s main function.

+2 for, 0 abstained, 0 against. Granting auto-connect of joystick and raw-usb for cfclient.