Request auto-connect (network-observe) for Trippy

Hi there,

Trippy ( is a traceroute/ping type tool (similar to mtr) and as such requires raw socket access (CAP_NET_RAW) and so needs to have network-observe auto connected.

I tested it with the below and it works:

sudo snap connect trippy:network-observe :network-observe

Can I also request an alias of trip, which is used for other packaging of this application.

Store listing:

Thank you.

Both of these seem quite reasonable requests - network-observe is the least-privileged way to get this capability given the current interfaces provided by snapd, and the name trip seems only to be used by the package vasttrafik-cli in Ubuntu which is unlikely to conflict with this snap.

+1 from me for both requests.

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Thank you @alexmurray!

I believe a 2nd positive vote is required to allow this to pass, hopefully there is another reviewer here who is able to do so?


Can other @reviewers please vote too?

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+1 from me, too, but I would request a more detailed store description and the addition of two clauses into the description field that explains the snap’s connections and their purpose. This makes sense for a security/diagnostics tool.

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@Igor @alexmurray I have updated the store listing page and added a description for the 3x snap interfaces that are used.


Looks good! BTW, you don’t need to link to the dev site in the description as the store has its own field, unless you want to show the url in the CLI usage scenario.

Thanks @Igor I just removed the redundant link.

Once this is approved (I think it now is?), is there anything I need to do in the snapcraft.yaml file to reflect the auto-connect of network-observe and the alias of trip?

@fujiapple852 you don’t need to do anything else. Since there are enough votes and I am also +1 on both, I have granted the auto-connection of network-observe as well as the alias trip to trippy. This is now live.

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