Request auto-connect network-manager for CyBear Jinni App

CyBear Jinni App lets you control the cbj Hub with easy user interface to control smart home devices.

I am requesting network-manager as scanlog suggested

* try adding one of 'network-manager, network-manager-observe' to 'plugs'

It is needed to allow connectivity_plus dart package to wrok correctly


This plugin allows Flutter apps to discover network connectivity and configure themselves accordingly. It can distinguish between cellular vs WiFi connection.

It is need to decide how to talk to the Hub.
After finding the network/WiFi name that the app is connected to it will compere it to the network name the hub is located in.
If they are the same it will do LAN request directly to the hub, if not it will call a remote server running cbj_remote-pipes that will routed the request to your hub at home.

Tested with the plug and it is working.

Also another question (if it is not the place tell me)
I would like to remove the armhf support from this snap as flutter does not support it, didn’t find a way to do this with the interface, can you remove it for me?.

Link to the repo CyBear Jinni App
Link to the snap repo CyBear Jinni App Snap repo

Hey @guyluz11,

Did you try network-manager-observe instead? Based on the denial you shared I believe it should work ( and if that’s the case this iface is less privileged than the network-manager one.

Sound good, will test it whenever I will be able to run the snapcraft again on flutter as it stop working for me.

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Tested it with a manual workaround that I found with snapcraft --debug and network-manager-observe is working as well.
So lets go with that plug.

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@guyluz11 great, so +1 from me for auto-connect network-manager-observe to cbj-hub so connectivity_plus can discover network connectivity. Can other @reviewers please vote?

Not the hub, the app which is released in the name cybear-jinni.
Sorry for not being clear.

+1 from me for auto-connect network-manager-observe for cybear-jinni.

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+1 from me for auto-connect network-manager-observe for cybear-jinni, too

Also a small request: for the sake of transparency toward end users, please add to the snap description that the snap has the network observe connectivity.

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Thanks @Igor, I have add the transparency part.

@guyluz11 can you please update your snap to plug network-manager-observe as we discussed? I see it is still plugging network-manager. Thanks!

I was waiting for a fix for crash on snapcraft with flutter.

Currently the best that I can do is to build it localy with the workaround only for amd64.
I have just released the new version only for amd64, hope that it helped in some way.

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@guyluz11 yes I see it now, this is enough. +3 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-connect of network-manager-observe for cybear-jinni. This is now live.

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