Request: auto-connect mattermost-desktop to camera and audio-record

As Canonical employees probably know, the Mattermost Desktop snap is a chat client similar to Slack.

Mattermost has a number of (optional) plugins such as jitsi to add video-call functionality. Since these plugins are installed server-side and seamlessly integrate into the client, most users of this functionality are not even aware that this is an optional feature.

For this reason, I think it would be useful to auto-connect mattermost-desktop to camera and audio-record, even though a vanilla Mattermost server does not include video calls by default. User choice is still somewhat respected because users have to choose to join a meeting, and in a meeting they can choose to turn the camera on and off.


These protections are entirely up to the plugin, however. A plugin can override user choice if it wants to.

In case it’s relevant, audio-record auto-connect is a bit redundant since mattermost has been grandfathered into a pulseaudio auto-connection.

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Since this functionality is server specific, and is not included in a vanilla Mattermost server, it is not really core functionality IMO. Also I don’t think users would expect mattermost-desktop to capable of this functionality (there is no mention of it in the snap’s description that I can see) as mattermost is billed as a chat application like slack, and so I think this would come as a surprise for them to see it granted automatically at install.

As such, -1 from me for camera and audio-record.

Given that this is primarily enabled via a server-side plugin and not the default behavior, I don’t think that mattermost-desktop should auto-connect camera and audio-record by default.

-1 from me for camera and audio-record.

0 votes for, 2 votes against auto-connect of camera and audio-record for mattermost-desktop. Not granting auto-connection.