Request: auto-connect for virtualcarecamera [audio-record, camera]

Good day!

The snap virtualcarecamera (electron-app) provides people the option to connect uvc-enabled cameras to be remote-controlled during sessions to be used in virtual-care scenarios e.g. a doctor havin an appointment with a patient.

As the snap name already suggests usage of camera I think no user would be surprised by the app using camera and microphone so I do not see a security risk.

Thanks for reviewing! :crossed_fingers:

+1 for auto-connect of camera - if you could please update the snap’s description to also mention that it captures audio as well then I would be +1 on auto-connect of audio-record too.

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Added: “It requires access to attached USB-cameras as well as your microphone.”

+1 from me for auto-connect to audio-record for virtualcarecamera too.

+1 from me for auto connection of camera and audio-record for virtualcarecamera, given this is required for the primary functionality of this snap.

+2 votes for, 0 against - granting auto-connection of camera and audio-record interfaces for the virtualcarecamera snap. The snap declaration has been updated, this is now live.