Request auto-connect for hostctl with network-control

I’d like to request that this interface:
snap connect hostctl:network-control

…be automatically connected for this CLI app:

The only file that hostctl needs access to is /etc/hosts, the core functionality of this CLI is based on managing the content of this file.


+1 to auto-connect since editing /etc/hosts is clearly expected of this snap.

@reviewers - can others please vote?

+1 from me as well, I concur with Jamie’s rationale for a snap named hostctl :slight_smile:

  • Daniel

+1 from me, this is necessary functionality for this snap.

How many votes are needed to approve auto connection?

Thanks everyone!

3 votes for, 0 against. +1 for granting auto-connect for network-control. Granting. This is now live.

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