Request aliases for torxakis


I just published the TorXakis snap:

It includes two executables txsserver and txsui which I would like to have aliased. Can this be arranged?


These aliases seem reasonable to me (no conflicts in the Ubuntu archive). +1

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Any updates on the aliasing process? Do you need more input on my side?

No. Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks describes the process and we are following that (there is a one week voting period that we are still in).

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There aren’t enough votes to tally.

@niemeyer, @ratliff, @roadmr, @Wimpress - can one or all of you vote on this?

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+1 from me, if that helps.

It’d be great if we could have this alias by the end of this week, since we have a workshop where we need to use the tool, and we’ll look like fools by saying “we have a nice Linux installer for you, but BTW, you have to type torxakis.txsui instead of txsui if you use this package”.

+1 from me too.


Yes, +1 from me as well.

There are sufficient votes now, but want to give sufficient time. If there are no votes against, I’ll grant this tomorrow. Is this sufficient for your workshop?

Sure, that’ll do. Thanks

It does, you’re a reviewer! :slight_smile:

4 votes for, 0 against. Aliases granted. This is now live.

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Great. Thank you. Do you know what do I need to do now to get the alias working? Do I need to edit my snapcraft.yml or does this alias happens automatically? (I just tried re-installing the snap, but nothing was aliased, so I guess some additional work is required…)

Nothing should be required. It works fine here:

$ sudo snap install torxakis --edge
torxakis (edge) nightly from 'torxakis' installed
$ which txsserver
$ which txsui

Perhaps you already had aliases defined by hand? Is /snap/bin in your PATH?

Nothing should be required. It works fine here:

Oh, I see what happened. I have a local installation of torxakis :confused: Sorry for the confusion, and thanks again!

I hope the workshop goes well!