Request alias for snap-store-proxy


I would like to request the the alias ‘snap-proxy’ for the snap ‘snap-store-proxy’ (a rename/republish of the snap formerly known as ‘snapstore’).


why not call it snap-proxy directly?

The snap-store-proxy snap will contain features for stores and proxies, the agreed name was ‘snap-store-proxy’ with these aliases in place.

I vote in favor of the snap-proxy alias being granted.

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@chipaca This was a bit of a compromise in discussions to make everybody happy, in the interest of clarifying that this is a functionality closely related to the snap store specifically. We also considered enterprise-proxy, store-proxy, and snap-store as options. In the end the best alternative seemed to be snap-store-proxy, holding the “store” in its name for clarity, with a snap-proxy alias for reduced verbosity in the CLI.

+1 given this context.

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+1 for the auto-alias based on the conversation in this topic.

3 votes for, 0 against. Granting the auto-alias. This is now live.

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