Request alias for ppa-dev-tools `ppa`

Hi! I’d like to request an alias for the ppa-dev-tools project.

The alias will be ppa.

Thanks in advance!

Hi ! @mitchdz .

That’s not recommended.

The suggested/desired alias must have at least four (4) characters.

Thanks for the heads up! Let me figure out what alias we want instead.

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Whilst this is a good practice it is not a hard-requirement - in this case, the documentation for the upstream tool all refers to the ppa command so I think this makes perfect sense for the snap as well.

+1 from me for ppa alias for ppa-dev-tools.

Thanks Alex,

Yes, the purpose for the request is that users of this tool installing from the snap found that it resulted in a tool that did not match the public documentation. Selecting some other alias would thus not solve that need.

I do notice that there has been added to snapcraft the ‘prefer’ command, so if a namespace issue ever did come up, that gives users a convenient way to manage it. However, I’m not aware of any other tools named ‘ppa’ currently.

Thanks John!

I’ve been using that to make my own alias now. Maybe I should update the title of this bug to request an automatic alias to be a tad more clear.

This @johntk005 seems suspect (I wonder if it’s not a robot behind it).

@mitchdz ! Feel free to ignore his “advice” for the moment.

As Alex mentioned, although it’s a good practice, it’s not a must to have the alias with more than three letters. I don’t see any obvious conflicts with the ppa command, therefore, +1 from me as well for the ppa alias for ppa-dev-tools snap. Thanks.

2 votes for, 0 against. Granting alias ppa to ppa-dev-tools snap. This is now live.