Renaming a snap


I would like to rename easy-disk-cleaner snap to disk-space-saver in the store.

App homepage:

What is the correct way to do this?

I’ve already reserved disk-space-saver name on snapstore.


There’s some provisions in the system to support renames but we don’t have a generic mechanism for renaming snaps yet.

Thanks @zyga-snapd

So the only way for now is to recreate new snap from scratch and make old snap private, right?

@noise We had some manual renames before, right? How well is this working?

No, my understanding is that renames still require support in snapd. See Two snap names, one snap ID

Yes, I wasn’t thinking about the full blown capability. The question was about the few manual, store-only renames that we have done in the past. Or do I misremember?

In either case, @Qiplex if you have both names already, the easiest might be to just re-upload under the different name.

Thanks @niemeyer. Already did :slight_smile:

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