Renamed tube-converter to parabolic

Hi, snapcraft policy reviewing team. Recently, NickvisionApps renamed the app Tube Converter to Parabolic, now, currently it’s listed in the snap-store as tube-converter. So, what is the best possible thing to be done here? I can think of three possible options

  1. Registering another name parabolic and publish under that name. But, that’ll make our current users out of update and reduce the exposure we have currently.
  2. Just changing the title: Parabolic as the internal app hasn’t changed much.
  3. Something like an alias or something?

I would request @roadmr @alexmurray and others to look into this and give us a suggestion.


Soumyadeep Ghosh (Collaborator of Tube Converter and a member of Nickvision team)

EDIT: The github PR to look into this matter

To my knowledge there is no support for snap name aliases so perhaps the best option here is to register the name parabolic as well and publish to that, and then push an update to the tube-converter snap which notifies users that they should switch to the new parabolic snap instead - then also update the description for tube-converter in the store and you could even unpublish all the snap revisions from it so that it is not installable anymore. But that final step should wait until you think there are not many users left of the old tube-converter snap.