Renable registered snap

Hi there,

Please, give me some help on this problem. By mistake I made a typo in a register for a snap, and now I’m not sure how to remove it. This is the one “my-mybindfs-mounts”. It’s an empty one.

Then, while trying to publish a corrected version of it, I created the “my-bindfs-mounts” one, I was testing it and, just as a proof of concept, I removed it. Now it says Revoked, but its status can not be changed. I’d looove to recover it as I was just doing some testings here and there. Didn’t expect to see it in that status and honestly I’m disappointed on not being able to recover it. I even had to change my code to adapt to this “mistake”.

Thanks for the help in advance!

This has happened to me as well. I can even push new revisions to “revoked” snaps, and the dashboard updates, but snapd doesn’t see it. I would also like to see the ability to recover these.