Removing chromium's snap deletes all downloads

I had installed Chromium through Snap, and when downloading files from the Internet I had been using Chrome’s suggested folder, which was in snap’s folder in my home.

Some time later I decided to remove Snap’s Chromium through:

sudo snap remove chromium

And that deleted all my downloaded files.

I think snap should prompt before removing user generated files like these.

I’m not sure… It was downloading to a snap-specific folder so when you removed the snap the folder was also removed… I think there’s a case for changing the default download location of the snap to ~/Downloads though, and if a move to that is rejected then maybe the snap folder should be persistent (which would be a #snapd issue if there’s no way for Chromium to do this at the moment), although it will be weird to have a ~/snap/chromium folder when there is no Chromium snap installed!


The default download folder for the chromium snap is now $HOME/Downloads (or the localized version of that XDG folder). When uninstalling the snap, the downloads database will be erased, but the downloaded files will remain.

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Good to hear the issue was addressed :slight_smile: Thanks!