Remove the #general channel from rocket chat


Is it possible to leave rocket chat without a default channel to autojoin?

People come into the chat and don’t ask to ask, that’s good. But they just ask in #general because that’s where they land, and the person who knows the answer is probably not paying attention there. So far, we only use #general to manually redirect people to the right channel.

It would be a lot better if they had to choose a channel before asking a question, because the names of the channels are pretty self-explanatory.

If possible, please remove autojoin and #general.

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Just fyi you can set what ever channels you want as autojoin. As many or as few as you want. So you could even include #snapcraft as an autojoined channel.

Another thing we see often done is actually setting a list of channels on the home page: Linking to the different channels. That way they can actually hop into the channel they want.


I think #community and #snapcraft as autojoin could make sense. Also @geekgonecrazy has just suggested to make a better use of the home page:

May I recommend adding the popular channels to: as well as to the topic? It tends to help people a little bit :slightly_smiling_face:

Who’s admin in the chat? Could you please make those changes, to see if things get better?

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I’ve tuned the home to point to juju and snapcraft channels. Any others?

I could not find any way to change the default channels, though. @geekgonecrazy?

That’s good, I think. Thanks. Let’s see if it works.

There is a bug in that code where it isn’t showing up. Will be fixed in our next release. But typically it’s in administration->rooms then clicking a room and checking it as a default in the panel on the right side.


The bug previously mentioned where you couldn’t set default channels has now been resolved with the release of 0.56.0 which should be live on

Should be able to goto rooms in admin select the room and toggle default to true and anyone that joins will automatically join that room.


Thank you! And done, #general is not a default anymore.