Remove / delete couterpart of create-user curl command

I am able to add an user to my system using:

sudo curl -sS --unix-socket /run/snapd.socket http://localhost/v2/create-user -X POST -d '{"email": "", "sudoer": false}' from command line

What is the counterpart CURL command to delete / remove user?

I am looking for this since I want to use REST API using CURL and JSON to create and delete user dynamically. While I know for create-user I do not know how to delete user.

The new preferred way to create a user is:

POST  /v2/users  {"action": "create", "email": "...", ...} 

To delete a user:

POST  /v2/users  {"action": "remove", "username": "..."} 

Thanks ! It worked.
Could you please share link which documents this new way?