Remotely managing devices

How can I remotely install snaps on multiple systems.

Here is a scenario: We need to be able to remotely install Snaps on multiple Ubuntu Core systems. The device is behind NAT so we can’t really ssh into it (and that’s even besides the point). Are there plans for a store that the Snappy device could connect to and the “admin” could install/remove snaps on any registered device ?

Or if that already exists, please point me to that.

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i think the long term plan was to support this in landscape (not sure if thats still is on someones TODO though, i only have heard it mentioned a few times).

We are currently experimenting with such an “agent” we call evothings-agent (but I am writing it generic and it has nothing to do with Evothings). It installs as a snap, runs as a service, is written in nodejs and connects via MQTT and subscribes to a specific topic and waits for snap commands.

I felt this was the cleanest solution, especially since snapd-control exists as an interface.

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We at may end up develop something similar for our use as well, though that will be using the wamp-proto over websockets. The agent will be a python component running as a daemon on an Ubuntu Core system, connected to a Crossbar router running on a server.

I will prototype something and share here, just for kicks.

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