Remmina - remote desktop program loses my login passwords every time new version of snap is installed

Remmina remote desktop program installed from snap is working fine, excellent (better then default deb package I have had some problems with), but every time new version of snap is installed I lose passwords and all of the settings (like remembering “Grab keyboard events” setting etc).

Today it was specially annoying. I was in the middle of the crisis. Disconnected RDP connection for the moment and reconnected and suddenly in the middle of the crisis I have no passwords for RDB connection and when I have copied it from password manager I see lost settings like “Grab keyboard events”.

Two questions:

  1. How to fix the problem Remmina to remember my RDP passwords and settings?
  2. Is there a way to stop automatic update for this particular snap? I want to update it when I have time to solve this kind of nagging problems and not in the middle of rush hours.

Remmina settings from Ubuntu Store: