Remarkable complains about windows version

One of the Ubuntu-pt LoCo members asked the rest of the community for help with the Remarkable snap.

I performed a few tests with Ubuntu 24.04, trying to install the snap on the candidate channel as is on the snap page as an example.

The snap installation goes well, on first boot of the application it does perform all its self configuration. When it actually starts, it does try to self-update and it does, however as soon as it does complains about the windows version and doesn’t allow to be used.

Preventing the self-update every time the application starts is very annoying and unpractical.

This might mean that the snap needs to be updated, probably to the latest version of the app and something else related with WINE (I’ve little understanding of WINE).

@sergiusens can you maybe spare some of your very precious time with this? Or is this something you can’t do at the moment and I should warn him about it (he has a workaround)?