Remarkable 2 desktop app


Last update is 25 November 2021 but the Remarkable team has just released the 3.0 version, with new features as a major update. Hence, previous versions of app do not communicate with the server, and files are no longer synchronized.

@sergiusens Maybe you have an update on this one?

The app does in-place updates so I was in no rush, but it is there now on the candidate channel

Thanks a lot @sergiusens ! The app works fine, it doesn’t matter if it crashes sometimes, as long as I am able to open it and check my files from my desktop. You’re the best!

Dear @sergiusens the app when installed, it automatically updated to the latest version, 3.04, then it does not work giving the following error:

10:57:54.110 [01; Invalid UserToken : “”[0;37m (userToken2Json C:/a/xochitl/xochitl/src/network/src/usertoken.cpp:33)[0m 10:57:54.136 [02; Could not parse UserToken as Json object[0;37m (parseTimeinfo C:/a/xochitl/xochitl/src/network/src/usertoken.cpp:9 m wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 1D86D44F at address 68B19BA4 (thread 00c0), starting debugger… Can’t attach process 00bc: error 5

Please, how can i resolve this issue?

Can you please create a new thread and add more information?