Released: snapd 2.24

Hello everyone,

The Snappy team is happy to announce the availability of snapd 2.24!
After some maintenance releases during the 2.23 series we focused in 2.24 on new features again.

Some of the highlights:

  • remove snap config values when snap is removed
  • fix potential transition issue from ubuntu-core to core
  • work towards improved aliases
  • (many) cross distro improvements
  • fixes to work better with gnome-software
  • enable large file support
  • handle missing snap-confine gracefully
  • rework internal interface API to be more flexible and extensible
  • detect devmode by inspecting the apparmor support in the kernel
  • test improvements
  • allow chroot in base template
  • Fix pi-config and add new sdtv_aspect,config_hdmi_boost,hdmi_force_hotplug options
  • interface updates: browser-support,unity7,framebuffer,location-observe,location-control,browser-support,mir,opengl,unity8
  • new interfaces: joystrick,maliit,autopilot

The new release is available in the core snap (and also in ubuntu-core) in the stable channel.

It is also available in Fedora 24,25,26 and Rawhide and the Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04, 16.10 and 17.04 updates pockets. More distributions will follow at their own pace.

To install this new release just run the following command:

$ sudo snap refresh --beta core

The source is available at

Enjoy and let us know if you notice any issues.

Michael (on behalf of the Snappy team)

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That’s good having core rather than ubuntu-core, looks quite worrying on other distros that by installing snapd you’re installing a minimal version of Ubuntu, but actually you’re just installing a minimal set of necessary libraries.

But we are installing a minimal version of Ubuntu… for now. Hopefully this will change in the near future.

This has now been released.

@JamieBennett @mvo The process here was a bit confusing, in that we have a topic in the forum saying it was available when it wasn’t, and now we have a “draft” note right at the top saying it’s not actually released when it was. Let’s talk to see how we can do better on 2.25.

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