Released: launchpad-buildd 163


We’ve released launchpad-buildd 163 and deployed it to production. This makes a few changes relevant to building snaps:

  • Snaps may be configured to build from a git tag rather than a branch. Branches are usually the right thing to use since tags shouldn’t normally be moved after once being set, but this may be useful in corner cases. (#1687078)
  • Some build systems have had difficulty with the authenticated proxy used for external network access. To fix this, the buildd now runs its own local unauthenticated proxy which proxies through to the real one and deals with authentication transparently, and points snapcraft to that instead. A number of build systems work better with this change: we’ve seen improvements in builds using ant, gradle, and jhbuild. (There are still problems with at least maven-ant-tasks, although we have some ideas for how to tackle that.) (#1690834, #1753340)


Thank you so much for the proxy changes. This is a big step forward.