Released: launchpad-buildd 143

We’ve released launchpad-buildd 143 and deployed it to production. This makes a few changes relevant to snap building:

  • Launchpad now records the revision of the top-level branch used to build a snap; you’ll find it on the web UI for each snap build, or in the revision_id attribute of a snap_build in the webservice API. This is intended to make it easier to group related builds, especially for services such as
  • Snap builds can now access external Git repositories using the git:// protocol, which is useful for repositories that don’t support HTTP/HTTPS or for cases where git:// is already hardcoded in build scripts or submodules.

Thanks a lot @cjwatson!

The snap that was failing for me because of the git:// address worked now in amd64 without any problems.

It failed on arm, not sure why yet. I’ll keep digging there.

The ARM failure is buried a bit further back in the build log, and is because one of your npm dependencies doesn’t support that architecture:

PhantomJS not found on PATH
Unexpected platform or architecture: linux/arm
It seems there is no binary available for your platform/architecture
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